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Fresh teas, sourced from the small tea farmers of Darjeeling, blended by the tea experts - We delivery directly to your doorsteps

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The best Darjeeling tea at very reasonable price. I recommend it to every tea lover, unmatched quality and very refreshing taste. Owner itself taking care of everything. I am highly delighted by the way they take care of their customer needs.
Abhishek Kumar
Wednesday, Apr 29, 2021
The experience was amazing. The peach tea is refreshing and soothing. Thankyou :)
Kritika doval
Wednesday, Dec 13, 2022
I'm in love with this blended tea. Great product and great value for money. Congratulations from Italy.
Wednesday, Nov 10, 2021
Very very good leaf tea. The flavours are excellent. Hope you will continue to maintain this quality and to carry forward the legacy for superiority of the product.
Dr. Gopinath Barui
Wednesday, July,14 2022